Covid Policies & Informed Consent Waiver

Studio Procedures:

  • Vagabond carefully monitors all state, city, and CDC guidelines regarding Covid-19.  We reserve the right to convert in-person classes to online (over Zoom) at any point to insure the safety of all students, staff and instructors. No cancellations, refunds or credits will be permitted if a class converts to online only.

  • We have cleaned and disinfected the studio including all surfaces that are regularly touched by staff, students and clients, such as doorknobs, cameras, chairs, mic stands, etc.

  • Temperatures will be taken at the start of class and no one with a fever exceeding 100.4 will be permitted to attend.

  • We have set up the class room with 6 ft social distancing guidelines within the studio.

  • All students and teachers will be masked or in a facial shield throughout class, except when working on  camera. When on camera, there will be a full length shield between the actor and instructor/reader.

  • Windows will be open during class so there is plenty of ventilation and air is not recirculated.

  • Chairs will be treated like equipment at a gym; after class, students will be asked to use the provided sanitizer and paper towels to wipe down their chair.

  • We have placed hand sanitizer and disinfectant cleaner/wipes in all studios and encourage frequent use.

Receipt of Confirmation

All of our classes are available for online purchase. Once your purchase has processed, you will recieve an email confirmation. This email is your receipt and confirms that you are registered for the class. Should you, for any reason, not receive an email confirmation for your class registration, please contact us at  (312) 300-6805 and we’ll get you all squared away!

Instructors & Canceling a Class

Advertised classes and instructors are not guaranteed and we’ll do our best to communicate changes as soon as we know them. On occasion, we might need to cancel a class. We’re sorry! Should this be the case and you’ve registered for the class we’re canceling, we’ll do our best to give you 48 hours notice that we are canceling and begin your refund process.

Additionally, any workshop or class taught by an active casting director or agent is a learning experience. It is not an audition or employment opportunity. When the workshop/class is over, the casting director/casting associate/casting director (whichever is applicable) teaching this workshop/class will not be taking home nor be given access to your headshot, resume or any other of your promotional materials.

We know how frustrating it can be when a class is cancelled due to low enrollment. We don’t like it either. When a class doesn’t have the minimum required number of students to run as planned, Vagabond reserves the right to shorten the length of the class each week to make it feasible to proceed. For example, a class scheduled for 3 hours from 12pm-3pm, might be shortened to 2 hours and run from 12pm-2pm. We will always keep the start time the same, and adjust the end time of class. In cases of shortened classes, Vagabond does not grant refunds, transfers or credits. You will still receive the same amount of on-camera time you would have if it were a 3 hour class, and the class is not being cancelled.  The duration of our classes were built with a certain number of students in mind. Rest assured, we are not shortening your learning time, we are just taking out the excess time for student spaces that are empty.

Make-up Policy

All schedules aren't perfect. We know that some times things pop up and a day you'd reserved for class now needs to be filled with something else such as a last minute audition, a shoot, or a show. If you have to miss a core class (on-camera or voiceover), you may hop into one of the other same level on-camera offerings the same week you are missing (ex. if you are in Michael's Monday class, you can take Robyn's Wednesday night or Holly's Saturday morning class as a make up).


However, we know that sometimes even THAT won't work. If you will be missing the whole week and still want to cover that week's material missed, you can schedule a private 30min make-up session w/your instructor, subject to availability. This costs $30 for instructor's time outside of class and goes directly to the instructor. Make-up classes/coaching for any other courses or workshops are up to the instructors’ discretion. Call or email us if you have questions about your class’ make up policy.

Refund Policy

All classes at Vagabond School of the Arts have a non-refundable 30% deposit. We know life happens. If for any reason you can no longer attend a class you’ve registered for, you must give Vagabond School of the Arts 48 hours notice

(For example, if your class starts on WEDNESDAY at 6:30pm, you must notify us no later than 6:30 pm the MONDAY before.) If student contacts Vagabond School of the Arts 48 hours before class begins, the non-refundable 30% deposit will be charged as a cancellation fee and you will be refunded 70% of total price of class. If student fails to contact Vagabond School of the Arts before 48 hours, student forfeits the full price of class. You will still be charged the remainder of payment plan, if applicable.

Here's why! On our business side of things, we need a certain amount of students to run a class. At 48 hours we let teachers know that the class is happening (if we have the right number of students to proceed). Once you sign up we mark that as a spot filled. When a student cancels within 48 hours of the class that leaves holes in a class that we might not be able to fill which might lead to uneven numbers or cancelation of the class. Also, most of our classes have a wait list. We believe a 48 hour warning will give us time to give the opportunity for another student to jump in and begin to grow their own careers! We so appreciate your interest in our classes, so if you have any further questions, let us know!

Privacy Policy

We will never sell or share your information with anyone outside of the Vagabond School of the Arts without your permission. We hate spam as much as you do! We may share your contact information directly with an instructor if you’ve registered for and paid for the class so they can contact you with weekly homework assignments and class updates. All of our email marketing communications are powered by MailChimp and have clear unsubscribe instructions because we never want you to get more email from us than you want. Your privacy is important to us as you set out on this path of living a very public life.

Not in Our School Policy

Vagabond School values the passion and personal vulnerability in taking an acting class, so we are committed to providing a safe, inclusive and respectful environment free of discrimination and harassment. This policy protects the rights of all members of our company, including students, staff, teachers, guest instructors and other persons who do business with Vagabond School.


It covers conduct and behavior, both online and offline, by or against the aforementioned parties, in all Vagabond School workspaces and related settings, including but not limited to:

  • Meetings and correspondences

  • Classes

  • Events and related social settings

  • Social media

Photo Policy

We love our students and we love our teachers. As a result, we want people to see the incredible instructors and students we work with every day, to share your triumphs, and encourage more students like you to follow their own open road. As a result, by taking a class at Vagabond, you agree to grant Vagabond School of the Arts and its authorized representatives permission to take photos or videos of your participation in classes, workshops, and events. Any photos or videos made through this agreement may be used, in any form, as part of any future publications, brochure, or other digital and printed materials used to promote Vagabond School of the Arts, and further that such use shall be without payment of fees, royalties, special credit or other compensation.

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