August 1, 2018

Antoine McKay has been around the Chicago film block a time or two. Most recently, Antoine began filming ‘ South side,’ a new Comedy Central TV show here about a family-owned business in the Englewood neighborhood. You may also notice Antoine from Chicago’s hit series, “Empire,” and Amazon’s “Patriot.”

But Antoine is more than just an actor. He’s a father who opened a theater in Rogers Park, McKay Arts, whose mission is to educate and entertain while creating an inclusive, diverse, and respectful environment and a lasting impression of hope and joy.

And his most recent credential added to his resume, Antoine is now an on-camera instructor here at Vagabond School of the Arts! Artistic Director, Michael McCracken, sat down with Antoine to discuss navigating Chicago’s theat...

September 23, 2017


Today’s question comes from Alyssa Vierneza via Facebook! @VagabondSchool


How do you balance being an actor when you have no time because you’re paying to be an actor?

For this week’s question, we turned to Vagabond Founder and Agency Prep Coach Michael McCracken!

"Chicago – it’s a performing industry like no other. It’s a delightful hybrid between the intensity of LA’s on-camera world and the incomparable theatre scene of New York. This means that actors in Chicago have to be smarter and build a business that keeps them working! Many actors now find work when they want by driving for Uber/Lyft, picking up people’s groceries from Instacart, and using Task Rabbit as a great way to get work if you have home improvement/cleanin...

September 16, 2017



For this week’s question, we turned to co-owner Becca McCracken, former casting director for over a decade, who is passionate about keeping students book-it ready!

 "Resumes are often your best shot at getting your foot in the door with an agent or casting director. If your resume is disorganized or lacks professionalism, then it reflects on your level of professionalism in the business. Getting specific on common mistakes is tricky as there are so many variables, but we recommend doing your best to be a pro - don't try to stand out with colors or pictures or creative fonts as it says that you are using that to get attention instead of your rockstar credits and training! If you haven't had an...

August 29, 2017

WANT FREE ACTOR ADVICE? ASK A VAGABOND. We're stoked to introduce a brand new weekly series entitled #AskAVagabond. We know this business can be a tough and ever-evolving one. There are always new situations, new obstacles, and let's face it, lots of questions. Pick the brain of one of Vagabond's brilliant team of teachers and industry pros by asking a question with the hashtag #AskaVagabond and tag us. Every week, we'll pick one and hook you up with an answer and feature right here on this blog!  Featured Actor: Today’s question comes from Michael Valentine via Twitter! @VagabondSchool QUESTION: Once acting training/technique is up to par, what should an actor do next? Seek representation or build resume?

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