Space Rental 

We just LOVE our spaces. We know you will, too. 

We’ve hosted everything from theatre company fundraisers to bluegrass concerts, equity auditions to personal events, and pretty much everything in between. Whatever you need space for, Vagabond is here to help you out.

See photos of all available spaces below and then submit your rental inquiry using the form at the bottom of the page.

It was so easy reserving the room all of my questions were answered quickly! When we got to the space, Michael was waiting for us and was beyond helpful. The space was perfect and we loved the addition of the couches and chairs. My husband and I were grateful to find an affordable space in Chicago with such a welcoming staff!

Jacquelyn Allen
Suite 504
Base Camp
Suite 502B
Studio 1 (large)
Studio 1 (small)
Studio 2
Frequently Asked Questions
Studio 2.5

How big is Vagabond's rental space?

We have multiple spaces of varying sizes, ranging from 800-1600 square feet. Whether your needs are theatre, on-camera, or event related - 

we have you covered. 

Are there restrooms close by for our attendees?

You bet. There are multiple, single-stall bathrooms directly across the hall.

Is your facility accessible?

It sure is! There is an elevator in the building that comes all the way from the lobby directly to our floor. If you have additional accessibility needs or questions please call the office, we'd be happy to talk to you! 

Can we sell alcohol at our event or fundraiser?

You’re probably going to have to take that up with the State of Illinois if you don’t have a liquor license (which we do not). Most of our events that offer alcohol do so on a “donation” basis. You can, however, sell other merchandise at your event.

What does it cost to rent your space?

We’d love to talk to you about it! We need a few more details from you before we give you a price — simply because you might have a longer need for a rehearsal or a more pressing need that we can help accommodate.

Use our form below to let us know what you need. We’ll be in touch!

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