Today’s question comes from Alyssa Vierneza via Facebook! @VagabondSchool


How do you balance being an actor when you have no time because you’re paying to be an actor?

For this week’s question, we turned to Vagabond Founder and Agency Prep Coach Michael McCracken!

"Chicago – it’s a performing industry like no other. It’s a delightful hybrid between the intensity of LA’s on-camera world and the incomparable theatre scene of New York. This means that actors in Chicago have to be smarter and build a business that keeps them working! Many actors now find work when they want by driving for Uber/Lyft, picking up people’s groceries from Instacart, and using Task Rabbit as a great way to get work if you have home improvement/cleaning experience. Other good options for flexible work are child care, real estate and personal assistants. The main thing to know when trying to get a full time day job is to let your employer know that you need flexibility with auditions and bookings. Work as much or as little as you need to survive. We are lucky to be living in the age of the "gig economy" with any number of apps you can be a part of to create your own work schedule."

- Michael McCracken #AskaVagabond

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