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Howard's End

by Douglas Post | directed by Nick Sandys

At the dawn of the 20th century, the independent Schlegel sisters seek to change the world. E.M. Forster’s beloved classic novel is now an enthralling world premiere adaptation by Chicago playwright Douglas Post. Experience the journeys of three different families as they search for love, purpose, and connection against the tide of class, money, and sex.



by Leah Nanako Winkler | directed by Ensemble Member Chika Ike

When her sister, a born-again Christian, decides to marry at 22, NYC-transplant Hiro, takes it upon herself to return home to Kentucky to stop the wedding and salvage her sister’s future. Identity, religion, and love collide in this unique coming of age story.

Hoodoo Love: 

by Katori Hall | directed by Wardell Julius Clark

music direction by Ricky Harris

After escaping the cotton fields of Mississippi, a young woman named Toulou arrives in depression-era Memphis with dreams of becoming a blues singer. Almost immediately, she falls in love with a rambling musician named Ace of Spades while her born-again brother, Jib, is hot on her heels. Desperate to claim Ace’s love for herself, Toulou lays a hex on him with the help of a Hoodoo practitioner, setting in motion a devastating chain of events.

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