At Vagabond, we believe that in order to be your best, you should be TAUGHT by the best. We only work with artists at the top of the industry — working professionals who know the realities of the industry in today's world. The result is techniques, advice, and instruction that is fresh, relevant, and rooted in years of experience. And with access to professionals from actors to casting directors to agents, we can give you the widest variety of quality classes led by people who know those subjects best. 

Robyn Coffin
Antoine McKay
Elizabeth Laidlaw
Cruz Gonzalez-Cadel
Maura Kidwell
Sadieh Rifai
Marika Englehardt
Cheryl Graeff
Jarrett King
Colleen Fee
​Jennifer Glasse
Christine Vrem-Ydstie
Emily Tate
Michael McCracken
Patrick Mulvey
Ann Sonneville
Kevin Theis
Amy J Carle
Stef Tovar
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