Chicago is home to one of the most rapidly growing on-camera markets in the United States. Did you know that Chicago has become one of the go-to destinations for both New York and LA-based productions to find talent? It’s true. Which means a savvy set of on-camera skills is essential to your career as a Chicago-based actor. From commercials to TV series and industrials to webisodes, Vagabond’s On-Camera Acting Program is designed to give actors both the technical skills and confidence they need to excel in their careers.

Our on-camera program is great for both experienced and new actors alike. You’ll be learning from industry leading professionals, work in front of the camera every class, and receive a google folder to review your work while you're enrolled. Learn more about the specifics to each level by clicking through the menu to the left.


We look forward to being part of your journey! 


"Thank you for all of your direction and guidance in On Camera Level 1. I just booked my first national SAG commercial and they’re flying me out to L.A. to shoot it! I’ve never been so excited about a job. Your class had a lot to do with my doing so well in the auditions. Thank you tons!"

-Tanya Mounsey

Vagabond School of the Arts
Acting School in Chicago