Youth & Teens Training 

Feature films and groundbreaking plays have them. Today's most popular television shows are full of them. Musicals have entire shows of them. And what's "them?" Roles for kids! From guest stars on a TV show such as Chicago P.D. or a featured lead is musicals like Hazel, A Christmas Story, or School of Rock, opportunities for youth and teens are popping up on stage and on screen across Chicago daily. Always a solid theatre town, Chicago's presence as a TV and film contender makes it more and more possible for your child to start their career early. Help give them the tools they need to build a successful career On-Camera or onstage with our Youth and Teens classes. From encouraging your child's imagination and creativity at an early age to helping them feel confident and cool in front of the camera, Vagabond has something boost their confidence and ignite their passion.


The safety of our students and instructors has been, and remains, our top priority. With online classes for ages 3 to 18, ranging from exploring their creativity to mastering the techniques essential for a career on-camera, Vagabond has the teachers and the courses to help your child break out of their shell and become a master.

We have been running digital classes and seminars since March and have found it works wonderfully as a medium for many of our classes.

Additional Services for kids  & teens

Sometimes you need more than just a class to keep your child's career on track. We're here for you! Vagabond also offers Self-Taping (to help you capture the PERFECT audition tape), Private Coaching (when their next audition needs a little boost), and Actor CPR (a deep dive into the best roadmap for the career they want to build).

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