Business of Acting 



You've taken the classes. You have the talent. You're ready to take your passion and make it your CAREER. Vagabond's offering of Acting as a Business classes can help you do just that. Learn how to present all of your assets in a way that casting directors and agents respond to and how to navigate the industry as a business professional. From the best way to prepare your taxes as creative professional to resume cleanup and career refocusing to our eight week deep dive with The Chicago Industry Connection (a class that puts you face to face with some of the top casting directors, agents, and actors in the business), Vagabond has just what you need to help you push past amateur and into professional. 


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On Chicago Industry Connection - "I really appreciate the amount of prep and personal care put into this series to make me feel confident it was money well spent. I initially registered strategically to get in front of the guest casting directors, but was pleasantly surprised that I got so much out of every week with the variety of guests you assembled and the commentary and industry guidance given. Thank you!"

-Laurie Carter Rose

Vagabond School of the Arts
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