Theatre Training 


The theatre scene in Chicago is one of the best in the country. From intimate storefront to grand scale, big name houses, innovative experimental new works to notable and popular titles, theatre in Chicago is always fresh, unique, and incredibly entertaining. Stretch your abilities and bulk up your toolbox of skills and techniques with Vagabond's rotating roster of Theatre Training courses. Whether you're looking to enhance your understanding of a script, sharpen your Shakespearean verse, explore the world of Physical theatre, or just plain try something different, Vagabond has a variety of classes meant to strengthen current skills or learn new ones to keep you savvy, competetive, and WORKING. 


Scene Study Intenstive- "Class with Amy is very much a communal experience, while remaining personal. Through a series of exercises, some Meisner based, we come together as a group to connect, communicate, and break ourselves free of the daily habits of hiding our vulnerability. Through the exercises and scene studies, Amy guides us in finding our own honesty, and she is relentless in her doing so: she will never let us rest on laurels as she is always pushing us to dig deeper to get the truth, and she has a keen eye on the truth at all times. Whether you are new to the theatre or a veteran actor, what she’s seeking to bring out of you, are the things we strive for in ourselves consistently through work, and life."

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